J.R Smith Reportedly Not Having The Best Holiday Season Following Cheating Allegations

NBA star J.R Smith recently took some time to host a mini Q&A with fans via Instagram and opened up a bit about the backlash from cheating allegations with actress Candice Patton who stars on The Flash. The scandal occurred just before Christmas and seemingly resulted in the former Cleveland Cavaliers player having a modified Holiday season.

The New Jersey native admitted that his Christmas was not full of cheer when asked by a fan, replying, “It [was] one of the hardest [Christmases] I’ve had but we still pushing!”

When asked if he was happy, Smith admitted that he is not in a happy place at the moment, writing, “Not truly but I’m working on it.”

J.R’s wife Jewel prayed for their marriage via Instagram and said she wanted to address the allegations because people were bombarding her DMs with rumors and accusations about her husband and Patton. Jewel asked God to forgive her husband and alleged mistress Patton.

In one part of her prayer, Jewel said, “Please keep us Lord father god, we are all hurting. everybody is hurting. not just me, but my husband, he’s hurting, and Candace, lord father god, she’s hurting. I pray Lord father God for Candace that you please just mend her heart Lord father God for her to go out here Lord father god and seek a married man. I just pray that you give her grace and mercy Lord father god through all of this.”

Patton has remained quiet regarding the allegations.

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