Ja Morant Says Gun In IG Live Wasn't His, But Apologizes For His Actions [Video]

Ja Morant Says Gun In IG Live Wasn’t His, But Apologizes For His Actions [Video]

Troubled NBA star Ja Morant is trying to clear his name, now maintaining that the gun he was seen flashing was not his.

The Grizzlies guard granted retired pro Jalen Rose an exclusive interview, where he spoke on his recent mishaps. One of the most detrimental events was his Instagram Live in the early morning hours of March 4th. He appeared intoxicated inside a strip club in Glendale, Colorado, following a loss to the Denver Nuggets. In the video, Morant was seen brandishing a pistol. That incident was the last straw for the league, leading the Grizzlies to suspend him for eight games without pay.

“The gun wasn’t mine. It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions,” the 23-year-old said.

The IG Live set off a chain of events, including local law enforcement and the NBA conducting investigations. Both concluded that the gun was not Morant’s, and he did not travel with it on the team’s plane. He was not charged with any crime. Still, NBA commissioner Adam Silver called his actions “irresponsible, reckless, and potentially very dangerous.”

Morant says he is now more conscious of his actions. The young player acknowledged that children and even adult fans look up to him, which is the driving force for him to do better in the future.

Weeks ago, a teen boy filed a lawsuit against Morant, claiming he beat him up and pulled a gun on him following a basketball game at Morant’s home that turned sour. With the suit and penalties from the NBA, hopefully, Morant will begin moving smarter.

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