Ja Rule And Billy McFarland Sued for $2.8 Million in Fyre Fest Fiasco; McFarland Ordered To Pay Back Funds

Everyone has seen the documentaries, now here comes the lawsuits! #JaRule and #BillyMcFarland have been hit with a lawsuit for almost $3 Million,  as an investment company claims they got screwed when the Fyre Festival fell apart.

TMZ is reporting that EHL Funding has sued the Fyre Fest dynamic duo for  $2.8 million that they claim they loaned them less than three weeks before the event in April 2017.

Since then, EHL has won a default judgment since neither Ja or Billy (who’s currently serving a 6-year prison sentence) bothered to respond to their initial lawsuit.

A judge has ordered Billy McFarland to repay $2,891,600 plus an additional 30% interest which dates back to August 2017 and attorney fees for EHL- which the investment company is still accruing. Despite Ja being named in EHL suit, TMZ reports he was not ordered to pay back any funds.

Good luck to EHL on recouping their money!

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