Jackie Jackson’s Daughter Says Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Is Her Ex-Boyfriend And Is A Lying “Opportunist”

A Jackson family member says one of the accusers involved in the Michael Jackson documentary “Leaving Neverland” is her ex-boyfriend who is lying about being sexually abused by the singer.

HBO is set to air a documentary that details the alleged sexual abuse of #WadeRobson and #JamesSafechuck by MichaelJackson, that they claim happened when they were children. However, #BrandiJackson, daughter of Jackie Jackson says Robson is lying. 

Robson has previously testified in court that Jackson never touched him inappropriately but then filed a sex abuse lawsuit against the singer. In the new documentary, the famed dance choreographer changes his story again.

Brandi took to Twitter on Monday to reveal that she and Robson were once romantically involved. “Wade and I were together for over 7 years, but I bet that isn’t in his “documentary” because it would ruin his timeline. And did I mention, it was my uncle, #MichaelJackson, who set us up? Wade is not a victim, #WadeRobsonIsaLiar,” Brandi wrote. Brandi went on to say that Robson has a past with twisting the truth for his own benefit.

“I pray he comes at me for these #truths cause I will happily put him in his place,” she continued. “I found out Wade cheated on me with multiple women who he hoped would advance his career.  You might know one of them because it was a huge pop music scandal.  Wade is not a victim, he’s an #Opportunist.”

Brandi claimed that Robson is only partaking in the documentary for relevancy. “Wade: You constantly talked about wanting to be “relevant.” You’ve burned so many bridges that now the only time you are #relevant is when you headline with my family’s name next to yours. It’s time to stop these lies and live your own life. 

#LiesRunSprintsButTruthsRunMarathons,” Brandi said. She then posted a photo of herself, Michael and Robson.

In the documentary, Robson accuses Michael of molesting him when he was seven years old.  “Leaving Neverland” is set to premiere on HBO on March 3 and March 4.

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