Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals That She and Will Smith Are 'Staying Together Forever'
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Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith To Sue Former Assistant Who Claims He Slept With Duane Martin

Jada Pinkett-Smith says she and Will Smith are planning to seek legal action against a former employee who claims Will slept with actor Duane Martin.

Days ago, Will’s former assistant, Brother Bilaal, sat down with embattled YouTuber Tasha K, where he revealed that he walked in on Martin and Will engaging in anal sex. Bilaal claims it occurred inside a dressing room. Shortly after the interview, Will slammed Bilaal’s accusations, with a source claiming the “Bad Boys” star was considering legal action. Now, Jada has confirmed they will definitely be filing a lawsuit.

The “Set It Off” star joined The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, where she slammed the latest whispers about her husband and marriage. She revealed that Bilaal was someone who’d previously tried to “shake down” the couple for money. According to Jada, Bilaal and Will had business dealings, and when Bilaal didn’t get the amount of money he felt he was owed, he began spreading rumors about him.

“It’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody versus just making up salacious, malicious stories,” Jada told the hosts.

She also added that Will was bothered by the rumor but also found humor in it. He asked Jada, “Do you believe this s**t?” as they both laughed it off.

The couple is no stranger to nasty gossip such as this. Will has previously faced gay rumors dating back to the 90s. Even Jada has been accused of being a lesbian, something she has also denied.

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