Baller Alert Exclusive: Jadakiss Talks Pushing His Album Back for Pop Smoke; Reveals His Top 5 Dead or Alive

Jadakiss is Top 5 Dead or Alive… period! The Yonkers, New York rapper is one of the hardest spitters to ever grace the rap game, cementing his name with his one-of-a-kind raspy voice, relentless bars, and spitfire flow. His lyrics embody the truth and the reality of coming out of the mud and changing his life for the better — especially when the odds are against you.

Jadakiss stopped by the Kandypens house in the hills for our latest episode with Sesh w/ Shirley, sparking Gas Co LA weed.

Most recently, Jada unleashed his new album titled Ignatius, paying homage to his late friend, manager, and A&R. When asked how he prepared this project differently, he said, “studio sessions were really… not somber, but you know, less entourage. More producers, dudes who played the instruments working with me like that.”

Recently, Meek Mill tweeted about the young artists having the older artists shook, to which Jada responded, saying, “I feel great. Whoever, however, I’m always winning.”

At the [4:37] mark, we asked Jada about the first record he ever made with Biggie, where Big actually dissed him. He also revealed the “One More Chance (Remix)” is his favorite Biggie song.

At the [6:00] mark, Jada revealed he pushed his album back in light of the recent passing of Pop Smoke. He said, “I just thought it was the honorable thing to do. It wasn’t about no releasing no albums or none of that. We lost a young soldier; we thought the honorable thing to do was to push the album back a week. Give the guy some respect, light, and shine.”

“It’s a great loss for New York. He’s a great up and coming artist, a lot of upsides. He’s about to his thing. He’s already doing his thing, so that hurt. We took a hit with that one,” he continued.

Jada also revealed a new Lox album on the way, as early as April. Watch below as he also reveals his Top 5 dead or alive, opens up about getting Ty Dolla $ign on his album, his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, and more!

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