Jadeveon Clowney Of The Houston Texans Showed Up As An Inmate To The Team’s Halloween Party, Eludes That Costume Was A Coincidence



The former number one draft pick for the #HoustonTexans caused quite an uproar. Jadeveon Clowney showed up to the team’s Halloween party dressed as an inmate. Suited in a orange jumpsuit and white undershirt, Clowney partied with his teammates and personnel.

Most intelligent people took it as a dig at the organization’s owner, Bob McNair, who has recently been under fire for his “inmates running the prison” comment at the owners and players meeting last week. However Clooney maintains that the irony of his costume choice had nothing to do with McNair’s comments, but rather the availability of a costume in his size. In an interview with the #HoustonChronicle, Clowney stated, “It was just something to wear to a Halloween party. It was the only thing they had in my size.” To Clowney’s defense, he is 6’5 and 270 lbs.

Although McNair has apologized twice publicly, it seems his players aren’t buying the apology. #DeAndreHopkins walked out of practice last week. Former #Texans Lineman, #DuaneBrown spoke out against McNair’s comments before he was traded and Clowney coincidentally shows up as the very subject of McNair’s comments.

What do you think? Coincidence or subtle jab?

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