Bar Owner Facing 95 Years For Killing A George Floyd Protester Dies of Suicide

Jake Gardner, 38, shot and killed James Scurlock, 22, during protests in Omaha.

Last week, a grand jury reviewed information, including Jake Gardner’s phone, facebook account, and video which determined that it was consistent with an intentional killing. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Jake Gardner was a Marine veteran who served two tours in Iraq and suffered brain injuries. His attorney claims he was suffering from PTSD at the time of the shooting.

He was scheduled to return to Omaha Sunday, September 20th but killed himself instead.

jake gardner

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  1. “protester” You mean looter. Fuck off Baller alert.

  2. The slick journals wording of how the killer was a, “Marine veteran”, who suffered from, “ptsd”…. Attempts at salvaging civility within a savage.

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