Jake Paul Under Investigation After Woman Says She Was Drugged In His Home During Party

YouTube star Jake Paul is under investigation after a woman came forward, claiming she was drugged during rapper Desiigner’s birthday party at Paul’s home.

Paul hosted a birthday bash for the New York rapper this past weekend, and a female guest says she was taken advantage of while in attendance. According to TMZ, police received a call on Sunday about an incident that happened on Saturday at Paul’s Calabasas mansion, involving unwillful impairment. Now, reports show police are investigating the alleged victim’s claim that she unknowingly took something at the party that severely impaired her. The woman is reportedly in her early 20s.

According to TMZ, paramedics made several house calls during the party. One call was made shortly before midnight to transport an ill person to the hospital. A second call was made for the same issue after 1 a.m. Medical officials made another call around 3 a.m. for someone who had fallen and injured themselves. Private ambulances and paramedics ended up staying in the driveway of Paul’s home in the event that someone else would need medical attention.

Several celebs attended the party like Chris Brown, Lamar Odom, Famous DEx, Swae Lee, Trey Songz and more. The party included live events, including motorcycle stunts and boxing matches. TMZ sources say the party was supervised by a retired Sheriff’s deputy along with 38 guards.

The probe is currently in its early stages, but reports show Paul nor Desiigner were involved in the incident. Paul’s legal team released a statement saying, “We take this claim very seriously, and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth.”

Jake Paul Under Investigation
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