Jameis Winston’s DNA Found On Accuser

As the investigation into the alleged 2012 sexual battery of a FSU woman continues, more details about the case are emerging. After a DNA analysis the Florida state crime lab determined the chance of the DNA in the accuser’s underwear being a match for someone other than Winston was one in 2.2 trillion. In short, the DNA found on the accuser is Jameis’ without a shadow of a doubt.


Jameis legal team actually says they are not surprised of the results. “We are not surprised with the results of the DNA,” he said, according to USA Today. “We voluntarily submitted to a DNA. The only thing we are surprised by is it was leaked out by law enforcement. The question the people should ask is why is it being leaked? For what purpose?”


They’ve even gone on to imply that the sex was consensual. This would have been much more believable had the incident not been swept under the rug a year ago. Cover ups hardly happen when a party is presumed innocent, even if that party is a Heisman contender.


It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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