James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ Cancels China Premiere Amid Coronavirus

James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ Cancels China Premiere And Promotional Tour Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The latest James Bond Film “No Time to Die” will no longer have its upcoming Beijing premiere or promotional tour in April because of the Coronavirus epidemic.

According to Variety, more than 71,000 people have been infected by the Coronavirus globally, and the flu-like disease has killed 1,775, including five people outside of mainland China. Because of this, much of the Chinese economy has been shut down, including Chinese movie theaters.

The closings started last month, and while theaters could reopen in April in time for the film to screen, Chinese fans may not be able to see the movie because they have been advised to leave the country, according to a Chinese report.

This will be actor Daniel Craig’s last portrayal of James Bond. The film is set to premiere in North America on April 10. China is reportedly one of the most pivotal markets for the Bond franchise, and according to Variety, it was the highest-grossing territory for its last installment “Spectre.” The film pulled in $881 million worldwide, and $84 million came from China.

So far, 14 Americans who were among hundreds evacuated from a quarantined cruise ship off Yokohama, Japan, on Sunday tested positive for the Coronavirus. More than 780 million in China are living under strict travel guidelines in order to contain the virus.

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