Janitor Infects Woman with Incurable STD After Urinating in Her Water Bottle, Incident Caught on Tape [Video]

Janitor Infects Woman with Incurable STD After Urinating in Her Water Bottle, Incident Caught on Tape [Video]

A janitor is accused of sticking his penis inside a female employee’s water bottle and peeing in it, infecting her with an STD.

The woman told KTRK that “This individual is a sick man.”

The “sick man” was identified as 50-year-old Lucio Catarino Diaz on Monday.

Authorities charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and indecent assault in Harris County, Texas, after finding evidence that he put his penis in the woman’s water bottle.
A detective said Diaz confessed to putting his penis into the bottle because he knew she would drink it the next day.

“Defendant Lucio Catarino Diaz said he did it out of ‘malicious intent,’ and he said this was a ‘sickness,'” authorities said. “Defendant Lucio Catarino Diaz stated he did not remember how many times he has done it before, and he did not know of any diseases he could have.”

Diaz, a Mexican national, is reportedly being held by ICE without a lawyer.

Investigators concluded that he gave the victim an incurable STD.

“He gave me an STD I will have for the rest of my life,” she told KTRK. “Nothing is going to change it. Nothing will make it better for me. In fact, I feel like, for the rest of my life, I will have to be careful.”

The disturbing signs began as early as Aug 30, when she got water from a standing water dispenser in the doctor’s office where she worked.

“Complainant stated the water she got from the water dispenser had a funny taste and smell to it,” authorities said. “Complainant stated because of the sour taste/smell, she dumped the water and threw her water bottle out. The complainant said because of what she experienced with the water dispenser; she started bringing her own water bottles in to drink.”

Eventually, she started bringing a 16-ounce water bottle to work, opening it in the morning, and typically not finishing it, so she left it on her desk for the following day.

After several days, she noticed that her personal water bottle “smelled nasty, but she could not figure out what the smell was.”

According to reports, she threw the bottle away because she couldn’t identify the source of the smell. That following month, a coworker noticed that her bottle was yellow, so she opened it, and it smelled of urine. The woman’s employer tested the water, and the urine results returned positive.

According to court documents, the doctor suggested it could’ve been janitor Diaz.

Documents indicated that another woman who did COVID testing in the building reported the same issue: the water in her Smartwater bottle was yellow and smelled like urine.
A few days later, on Sept 26, the woman brought a camera to her workplace and hid it at her desk.
Authorities say that the video captured Diaz allegedly taking her water bottle from the desk, opened it, unzipped his pants, took out his penis, and “raised her water bottle causing the water inside the bottle to touch/surround his penis.”
Court documents noted that the woman saw Diaz place the cap back on and put the bottle back where it belonged. She reported that he kept up the desk cleaning.
The next day, Sept 27, she claimed, Diaz was again seen on camera placing his penis inside her water bottle so that the water would “touch/surround his penis.”

“Pulls out his penis and puts his penis in my bottle,” the woman told the outlet. “Basically, rinses his penis in the water.”

The woman stated that despite management being informed of Diaz’s actions, he continued to work at the building.

“They have a duty to protect their tenants, and they wholly failed in those responsibilities,” said her attorney Kim Spurlock.

The building owner’s chief executive claimed that management had worked with the authorities.

“Our management company immediately cooperated with the police department in this matter as soon as we were made aware of this potential issue by our tenant,” said Terry Quinn, CEO of building owner Altera Fund Advisors. “They were advised by the police not to alert or approach the alleged perpetrator so that he could be arrested. He was arrested when he returned to the building.”


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