Jared Cook Says TSA Stole Clothes From His Luggage, Blames Government Shutdown

Vegas Sports Daily caught up with NFL player Jared Cook, who was ready to share his unpleasant experience with TSA. 

The Oakland Raider was on his way to the 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida when he had the run-in with TSA officials at the airport. He discussed how “the great folks at TSA” stole items from his bag, specifically shoes and some clothes after they rummaged through it. Though he was understandably annoyed, he thanked the government shutdown since the employees aren’t getting paid. 

“I guess when you’re forced to find work or find money to come in from somewhere for your family, you take it out on the people that you serve…When you don’t feed your dogs, they go licking on your bones—so that’s what they’re doing.” 

The player was also open about the situation while on the practice field for the game. Vegas Sports Daily tweeted the comment, to which “AskTSA” responded their concerns on Twitter, saying, ”This deeply concerns us. We take these allegations very seriously.”

TMZ Sports reported that a TSA representative confirmed that an investigation is on the way.

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