Jason Whitlock Blames Black Single Mothers for the Killing of Tyre Nichols

On Friday, the body camera footage of the fatal confrontation between Tyre Nichols and Memphis police officers was released to the public. The video showed the officers tossing, punching, and pepper-spraying Nichols following a traffic stop.

Journalist Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight. He commented on the incident, suggesting that the violence was due to the Memphis Police Department being led by a “single Black woman,” Chief Cerelyn Davis. He stated that the officers’ actions resulted from young Black men’s inability to treat each other humanely and suggested that the chaos in the department was similar to what was seen in cities run by single mothers.


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Whitlock went on to claim that the lack of male authority in suspects’ homes leads to their resistance to police, which in turn results in incidents of police brutality. His comments drew significant criticism on social media, with many objecting to his controversial opinion on the death of Tyre Nichols.

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  1. I am by not means a J. Whitlock fan however, he is not blaming black single mothers for what happened, he is talking about the absence of black fathers in the home. Poor attempt to pervert his words

    • We know what he was saying and it was absurd. So can we still make that claim about the white men who beat Rodney King. It ‘kills’ me how some people will twist themselves into a pretzel just to make a narrative fit into there narrow and unfulfilling life.

  2. This is a typical attempt of the institution to use black people against one another. So what I am gathering here is that the whole incident is the fault of all the black mothers of all the men involved in the crime. The 5 policemen and the DEAD victim of this horrific incident. Jason, Fox News gave you a place at the table to speak against a black woman because they do not respect her as a leader or a human being. They don’t respect you either. If you speak out against maters wishes, you too will be punished. Where was your opinions on white officers when they beat on black men. Was the reason they’re white mothers. I’m assuming that you don’t believe in there faults. With all the young white male committing mass killings, why haven’t we heard from you about that epidemic also. Who are you blaming for they white thugs killing multiple people all the time, year after year. But, I do understand your mentality. Uncle Ruskus(of the boondocks) is a spirit that allows black people like yourself to attack black people all the way around. As long as you suck the a_ _ of these white supremacy, they allow you to earn a good living and hold you up as proof that all the bad ideas they have toward black people is correct in their racist ideology minds. Thank Goodness for the White Man. They have taught you well. The Problem doesn’t lie with racist system, it’s black mothers. If we could fix them, then everyone would be fine. Your stupid to make the comments about black women that you did. It’s beyond comprehension. SMH

  3. As I listen to Jason’s ridiculous statement regarding what transpired in Memphis is totally preposterous about black kids raised by single black mothers. First of all, I’m a black man who was raised by a single parent (Black Mother) of 10 and never in my life seen my father/daddy. I went on to finish high school, went to college on a basketball scholarship, and never went to prison or sold drugs to make a good living. His statement is utterly a false narrative about black mothers, including the dumb disrespect for the Chief of Police of Memphis, who, in my opinion, made the right decision to terminate those black officers that would beat anyone, let alone someone that looks like them. Jason Whitlock must be seeking some pat on the back to say some stupid, foolish, and disrespectful statement toward blacks’ period. That was an “Uncle Tom” statement. From now on, I don’t want to hear or support anything you and regarding Black Lives Matter because I read the founder was accused of stealing the funds to support her lavish lifestyle, and black officers beat a black man like a slave. We already have a hard time being black in this country, and the stupid shit you said solidifies that blacks like you hurt our race. MAN, GET A LIFE AND DON’T GET ON TV BERATING YOUR OWN KIND UNLESS YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF WHITE, BUT SURE AS HELL DON’T SEE THAT HAPPENING – YOU BLACK…” rock the house.”

  4. This comment by Jason Whitlock is very defamatory. He doesn’t speak to the problem of trifling men who continue to impregnate women on a regular basis, and refuse to help raise all the children they continue to put on this earth. I wonder if he is a “father”?

    • trifling men??????? who continue to impregnate women who share1/2 responsibility. This is just as bad a statement…..no accountability. Maybe this is why there is a record number of men getting a vasectomy; they are taking responsibility to ensure less babies esp while the high number of divorces are being filed by women. Every divorce is a broken home. This issue is affecting us all.

  5. Earle Stewart Huntley

    I think Jason was completely off base with his conclusion. It is much more deeper than that. And trust me, it gives me no joy to say this. These lynching of young black men will continue to happen, until we value lives. Black men in our society are the most hated, villified and targeted segment of our population. More black men are killed by violence than any other segment and it is acceptable. Most black women accept it as a part of life. The natural order of things. People from all walks of life are going to express shock and use it as a conversation piece, but all it is – “just one less n*&gg@r”. No one but a black man can know the fear of being pulled over in the dead of night by a copy wondering whether you will make it home that night. All the other black men you have read about or heard about who did not make it home one night flashes before your mind’s eye in a blink. And you make absolutely certain to stay completely still, I always put both hands on the interior roof of the car or out the window. The cops always ask me why I do that and my response is always the same. I want to make sure that you know I have nothing and that everyone gets home tonight.

    So while everyone is in a uproar right now, it will die down just like George Floyd died down and things will go back to what they were before. People will protest and try to use another black man’s death to promote their own agenda. It’s easy to step all over the black man’s body- he is and will always be the lowest one the totem pole. The most hated, villified and targeted segment of the population…the natural order.

    Many will watch the video and express horror, only because they imagine their own child, grandchild or kinfolk suffering the same fate; but as long as it not none of theirs, life will continue until the next black man is murdered in the streets. Killing black men in America used to be a festive occasion, white folks would bring their kids to take pictures of the lynched black men. Now it’s a spectacle, a photo opportunity and the black women would continue on saying a silent prayers that is wasn’t their child, brother or husband, until it is and it was.

  6. Never even heard of Jason Whitlock until this. He is trying to make himself relevant by being, what I would call, “anti black women”. The only ones to blame for this horrendous act is the perpetrators. It doesn’t matter if their “single black mothers” beat them throughout their childhoods. If they passed the psych evaluation then that says they are capable of making the right decision at the right time. I am curious as to how the charges were able to be administered so quickly in this event when, in previous cases of police brutality, there is a lengthy review prior to charges being brought against the perpetrators of events such as the late George Floyd, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. Is it that these officers were black under a black woman’s leadership? They were wrong, no doubt but it appears that justice moves swifter when the charged are black.

  7. Judging the media outlet, the comment was expected. I could only roll my eyes and go on about business as usual. That generic assumption is toxic and exhausting for black women already facing misunderstanding, cultural appropriation, sexualization, and no protection. To say “single black women” as if single means single. It’s exhausting. Must’ve been trying to use this as an opportunity to get views up and pretend like it’s in the name of genuine concern. Sickening. Why is it always that one black guy? I never see a group of em.

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