Javale McGee Gives Away Free Chipotle!

Ain’t this bout a ….. So you mean to tell me Ayana Marie (or Maria on BA) couldn’t get a damn burrito bowl but Javale McGee is out here giving 10 of his Twitter followers free Chipotle just for showing up? Oh the shade! You have to feel some type of worthless when strangers are getting fed better than you are. 

According to Mile High Sports

JaVale “Pierre” McGee is up to his social media antics yet again. Unlike Dwight Howard, McGee appears in public without a cape and comes to the aid of Denver citizens by offering them free Chipotle burritos, via his Twitter account.

McGee posted on his official twitter page today: “1st 10 people who meet me at chipotle in 5 mins get free meals! #OMM the one in Denver on 16th!”

The funny part about the whole thing is that white media has no idea why Javale would do such a thing. Chipotle? What for? Oh but we here at Baller Alert know exactly why Javale is buying Chipotle. He wants to let all you ladies know that if you’re not a lame, you too can eat a burrito or two.  Unfortunately in the 5 minute window only one Javale fan showed up. Don’t worry, he’s giving the next 10 fans more than just 5 minutes for a chance at some fine pseudo-mexican cuisine.

Via Deadspin

McGee’s learned from his mistake and is now offering another 10 free lunches (and himself a chance at redemption), this time with an hour’s notice. If you’re in Denver, head to the Noodles & Company next to the now-infamous Chipotle on 16th.

Ayana Marie (or Maria) I suggest you high tail it down to Chipotle RIGHT NOW and get what is rightfully yours because the fact that Javale offered to buy 10 strangers Chipotle and didn’t even get you a fountain drink is just…… 

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