Jay Ratliff (Dallas Cowbows) Wants To Be Involved In His Child’s Life But….

Baby mama drama is enough to make you holla and Jay Ratliff of the Dallas Cowboys knows this better than anyone. Nothing angers me more than when child support gets in between a man being a good father for his children, no matter who’s at fault. 


According to TMZ


Ratliff — a 3-time Pro Bowl nose tackle who recently signed a $40 million contract extension — was hit with a paternity suit back in April by a woman named Tonitura Kelley, who claimed the NFL star was the father of her then-unborn child.

According to court docs, Ratliff submitted to a paternity test, which revealed a positive match between Jay and the baby. Kelley filed a request for child support … but sources familiar with the case tell us she’s looking for more money than state guidelines provide for. 

Jay filed docs saying he wants to be involved in the child’s life — and is making a play for shared custody. He and Tonitura are due back in court in the near future.

Ratliff’s rep tells TMZ … Jay is currently visiting with his son at least 3 times a week … adding, “Jay’s stepped up to become a good father, he loves his child … and he’s letting the judicial system run it’s course.”


Rattliff tells the judge that he wants to be involved in his child’s life but he believes that the child’s mother is trying to fatten her pockets. Before you say it, yes, he should have kept his Jimmy protected to avoid this whole situation, but he didn’t & the damage has been done. I just simply hate when women are more concerned about a quick check than making sure their child has a great relationship with their father. Nothing can replace that, not even child support checks.

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