Jay Z And Roc Nation Join Forces With 21 Savage’s Legal Team In Fight Against ICE

Jay-Z and Roc Nation are coming for 21 Savage’s freedom.

Over the weekend, news broke that the Atlanta-based rapper was being deported after it was revealed that he was born in the U.K. Since then, there has been an enormous outcry from fans and supporters alike, to the point that many have banned together on a petition to have Savage released. Celebs have all shared their compassion with the rapper’s circumstance but others, like Hov, have taken it a step further and have become involved on legal grounds.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported the Brooklyn rapper assessed of 21’s arrest and detainment and hired attorney Alex Spiro to assist with all legal matters moving forward. Jay called the situation an “absolute travesty” and is calling for 21 to be immediately reunited with his family, Complex Media reports.

Spiro says the actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are inhumane, and he won’t stop until 21 “is released, bonded out, or in front of a judge.” “The arrest and detention of 21 Savage is an absolute travesty, his U visa petition has been pending for four years. In addition to being a successful recording artist, 21 deserves to be reunited with his children immediately, #Free21Savage,” reads the statement from Jay Z.

A statement from 21 Savage’s team explained 21 came to the U.S. legally when he was seven years old and remained until 2005, at which point he briefly visited the U.K. and returned within the same month.

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