Jay-Z To Appear On Van Jones’ New CNN Show, “The Van Jones Show”

Amid the success of his “4:44” album, Jay-Z is making his rounds, dropping jewels and sharing knowledge about how to successfully move the culture forward. In an effort to reach the masses, the Brooklyn-bred rap star has linked up with #VanJones to discuss the different themes highlighted throughout the project, which will air on Jones’ new CNN show, “The Van Jones Show.”


According to Variety, Hov will be Jones’ first guest to kick off his new venture with the news outlet, which will premiere Saturday, January 27 on CNN.


“This is an opportunity to reflect on where we are and where we are going,” Jones said of his show. “We will have cultural icons and political leaders on the one hand, but we will also be going out into the country, talking to ordinary people.”



According to the publication, Jones’ new show will be the opposite serve as a platform to link people from urban areas to their counterparts in other parts of the country. The show will also strive to further connect politics and pop culture.



“We are still in the middle of a big populist moment and, increasingly, I want for the voice of ordinary people to be heard,” he said. “Mainstream media keeps being shocked by these movements: The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or Me Too, but some of these currents are already a bit more obvious in the heartland.”



“It used to be that politics were solely for us news nerds. That’s no longer the case,” Jones continued. “Everything and everybody is now involved in politics in some way. Sports figures, musicians, actor are 100% engaged. It used to be you’d watch late-night TV and it was all very bland humor and the most recent movie and now it’s all about politics. Politics has taken over everything and everything has taken over politics- and the show will reflect that.”

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