Jay-Z & Beyoncé Sued By Well-Known Jamaican Artist Over Their Song “Black Effect”

L’Antoinette Stines is suing Beyoncé and Jay-Z for copyright infringement, damages, and violation of her right to publicity, according to TMZ. This all comes after Dr.Stines claimed that she was never given compensation nor the appropriate credit on The Carters’ song, “Black Effect,” which relied heavily on Stines’ voice.

According to the lawsuit retrieved by TMZ, Stines, who uses the title ‘Dr.’ in the suit, said that because she is well-known in Jamaica due to “her artistry and wisdom,” the Carters enlisted her in March 2018 to supply them, dancers, for a promotional video, for their upcoming tour (ON THE RUN II).

After she provided them with the dancers that they needed, Dr.Stines claimed that The Carters wanted to video her discussing her perspective on love. At that time, she said that she was informed that the recording would be used in their video, but only “for promotional purposes.”

Dr.Stines said a contract was then given to her on the day of the shoot. According to the lawsuit, the Carters’ rep told her not to worry about anything. While Dr.Stines did sign the contract, she said that she was upset that she never had the opportunity to have it be reviewed by her lawyer first.

Dr.Stines was initially shocked when she listened to the “Black Effect,” which was featured on The Carters’ album “Everything Is Love” because the entire first minute of the song was her talking. In the lawsuit, Dr.Stines claimed that hearing a song that she didn’t receive appropriate accreditation for, caused her to feel “artistically raped.” She claimed that she has yet to be paid any money for her voice, used in “Black Effect.”

As part of her lawsuit against the Carters, Dr. Stines is asking for a writing credit and the compensation that comes along with it.

Beyoncé’s nor Jay-Z’s representatives have yet responded to Dr.Stines’ claims.

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