Jay-Z Reportedly Influenced Colin Kaepernick’s Private Workout Opportunity With The NFL

It turns out Jay-Z played a part in getting Colin Kaepernick this opportunity to prove he still belongs in the NFL.

According to a breakdown of the specifics surrounding the private workout, Ian Rapoport from NFL.com revealed that Hov potentially used his position within the NFL to sway teams into taking a look at the quarterback.

“I am also told that JAY-Z—who has been working with the NFL on some social justice initiatives—was involved in this and pushed this idea to some extent,” Rapoport said.

Rapoport then went a step further and took to Twitter, where he disclosed that the pending workout was not included in Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL, which was reached in February.

JAY-Z announced his partnership with the NFL last August. Fans and critics questioned the move, and the skepticism brought the mogul a lot of heat when Jigga when he suggested that players have “moved past kneeling.”

The rapper’s role is to help manage the NFL’s music and entertainment, but Jigga is also revamping its “Inspire Change” initiative.

As word comes that he might be connected to orchestrating Kaepernick’s workout, this lends credibility to the idea that his work with the NFL’s social justice ventures isn’t just for optics.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick is ready to show the NFL he can still play as prepares for this workout for all 32 NFL teams in Atlanta on Saturday.

With a few teams needing QB help, Kaepernick could be signed in hopes he can make an impact for the 2020 season. It’s all up to him to show and prove.

Jay-z for Colin Kaepernick
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