Jeanie Buss Says She’s Had Dreams About Kobe Bryant That Lets Her Know, He’s Okay

On Jan. 26, the world was rocked with unforgettable and tragic news- the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant and seven other passengers due to a helicopter crash.

Now, four months later, Jeanie Buss, president of the Los Angeles Lakers, is opening up about the loss of the former Laker of 20 years in a new interview with hosts of the Daddy Issues podcast Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson.

“I prayed to the skies above, and I said if we ever get a player on our team like Magic Johnson again, I will never ever, ever take that player for granted,” Buss explained, regarding Johnson’s early retirement due and HIV diagnosis. “And then we got Kobe. As heartbroken as I am, one comfort that I have is that Kobe knew how much we loved him, and we told him, and we retired his numbers. He never doubted that we were behind him 100%. That gives me some comfort. We never held back the celebrating the greatness that was Kobe.”

During the interview, Buss explained how she has “visceral” dreams about her late father, or moments where there’d be an “appearance” of some sort— whether hearing an old story about him from someone she’s never heard before or being sent a picture of him she’s never seen— that helps her “when I’m going through some stress, or I feel I’m not confident in a decision.”

While on the topic, Buss revealed she’s had dreams about Bryant as well that help provide comfort.

“I’ve had a couple dreams about Kobe too, and it’s like, those make me feel like he’s okay. Like it’s gonna be okay,” Buss shared.

“I would give anything to go back and have Jan. 26 never take place,” she said.

Jeanie Buss and Kobe Bryant
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