Jemele Hill Deals With Twitter Trolls After Caitlin Clark and Iowa Defeat LSU in the Elite Eight

Jemele Hill Faces Off Against Twitter Critics Following Caitlin Clark’s Triumph with Iowa Over LSU in the Elite Eight

Jemele Hill has been actively engaging with critics on Twitter, especially in the days leading up to the Elite Eight matchup between LSU and Iowa. Hill has faced significant scrutiny over the past few weeks following an article she wrote for The Atlantic, which some believe was misinterpreted to a certain extent.

The article highlighted the immense attention Iowa Guard Caitlin Clark has brought to women’s basketball, suggesting that Clark’s race may have played a role in the exponential coverage she receives.

Hill pointed out in her piece that although Clark broke the scoring record previously held by notable figures like Kelsey Plum and Pete Maravich, the true record holder was Lynette Woodard, who played for the University of Kansas from 1978-1981, averaging 26 points per game and scoring 3,649 points over four years. Woodard, unofficially recognized as college basketball’s leading scorer, did not receive the acknowledgment she deserved before Clark broke the record, according to Hill.

Hill criticized the NCAA for not including stats from the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) in their history books, unlike the MLB, which has incorporated Negro League stats. This oversight neglects the achievements of many legendary collegiate players, including those who played in the AIAW.

The article also compared the attention Clark has received to that of dominant female players over the past fifteen years who didn’t receive similar recognition, specifically mentioning A’ja Wilson’s lack of comparable media coverage during her college days. Hill used statistics to discuss the disparity in viewership and recognition between players based on race, emphasizing that all players’ stories deserve to be told. She clarified that her critique was not aimed at Clark personally but rather at societal and institutional biases.

Despite the context of her arguments, many readers took Hill’s comments out of context, likely without reading the full article, given The Atlantic’s subscription cost. Hill reiterated her points in an interview with UPROXX, which gained traction on social media.

However, it’s undeniable that Caitlin Clark’s talent has made her a major draw, selling out arenas and captivating audiences. Following last night’s game, critics eagerly seized the opportunity to confront Hill, highlighting the ongoing debate on social media. Hill responded to some of the comments, further fueling the discussion.

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