Baller Alert Exclusive: Jenifer Lewis Shares A Strong Message For The Trump Administration and More

Baller Alert had an exclusive talk with Jenifer Lewis at the 13th Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon Red Carpet, where she shared a stern message for the Trump administration.

” Before you lie to us, remember Rosa Parks sat on that bus. Before you tell that tale, remember Nelson Mandela sat in that jail. Before you cheat and steal, remember Emmett Till. We will be on the frontline in November, we will vote this administration out,” She said to the Trump Administration.” That is enough of the twisted injustice, the evil, and ridiculousness! Our ancestors worked too hard; I’m not just talking about our ancestors, I’m talking about everybody’s ancestors, from the middle passage to Auschwitz…We are all god’s babies, and we are all one, and every human being bleeds…”

Lewis also went on to say, “I want African American women in the Midwest to get out and vote. I want the millennials to join, and unite, and lay down in the streets like you did before. You can’t rest now; there’s no resting. We’ve got to fight for our rights!”.

She then continued to talk about the way everyone needs to come together and unite and to “come off those phones” because it is time for African American people to fight for what’s right.

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