Jenny Cudd
Jenny Cudd

Capitol Riot Suspect Asks Court For Permission To Go On A Mexican Vacation, Causing “White Privilege” To Trend On Twitter

A woman who is accused of participating in the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th asked a federal judge for permission to leave the country so she can enjoy a vacation in Mexico later this month.

According to USA Today, lawyers for the woman, Jenny Louise Cudd, requested the court’s blessing so that their client could travel to Mexico’s Riviera Maya from Feb. 18-21 to attend a prepaid “work-related bonding retreat” with her employees and their spouses.

Cudd, who owns a small business in Midland, Texas, is currently on pretrial release after being charged with two misdemeanor offenses, including disorderly conduct and entering a federal building without permission.

Under the conditions of her release, Cudd is not supposed to travel out of the state of Texas. She’s only allowed to go to Washington for a court appearance or a meeting with her attorneys or pretrial services officer. A judge must approve international travel. 

In Monday’s court filing, her lawyer noted that Cudd has no prior criminal history and has remained in contact with them and the pretrial service officer, who gave no objection to her proposed travel plan. The prosecution also took “no position” on the request, leading many on Twitter to call out the blatant effects of Cudd’s “white privilege” as a trending topic.

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