Jenoah Donald Has Died After Being Shot By Officer During Traffic Stop

Jenoah Donald Has Died After Being Shot By Officer During Traffic Stop

Jenoah Donald has died after being shot in the head by a police officer in Vancouver after a week on life support.

The 30-year-old Black man passed away sometime around 2 a.m. Friday morning. Donald was shot by Clark County Sheriff’s deputy Sean Boyle on February 4th during a traffic stop. Boyle stopped Donald’s vehicle for a broken tail light around 7:40 p.m. in Hazel Dell near the intersection of Northeast 68th Street and Northeast 2nd Avenue.

Authorities claim that when Boyle went back to his vehicle, another deputy, Holly Troupe, noticed weapons in the car. She claims that she commanded Donald to show his hands, but he “did not comply.” Instead, they claim that the man “produced a cell phone and a pair of metal pliers.” From there, the officers allege that the situation only escalated. A third officer, deputy, Greg Agar, arrived on the scene.

Boyle claims he ordered Donald to exit the car and warned him that a police dog could be deployed if he did not comply. Officers then tried to remove him forcefully. That is when the officers say that a struggle ensued. According to the deputies, Boyle punched Donald in the nose, to which he replied, “Really?” As the fight continued, Donald reportedly tugged on Boyle’s bulletproof vest. Boyle insists that he warned Donald he would shoot him if he didn’t cooperate with them. Then, he fired his weapon twice, striking Donald once in the head.

A search of Donald’s vehicle recovered no weapons, only a cordless drill, a laptop, and two cell phones. The pliers that the officers maintain they saw were nowhere to be found.

Donald’s family attorney Mark Lindquist slammed the deputies for killing the man over a rear light being out.

“Deadly force should be a last resort. Legally and morally,” Lindquist stated in an earlier conversation. “There were three tactically trained officers on the scene in full gear. They have tasers, pepper spray, and other non-lethal weapons. There was no good reason to shoot Jenoah in the head.”

A second attorney, Lara Herrmann, is demanding that Boyle be arrested and charged.

“The officer should be arrested and held accountable.”

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  1. I know this area. It is very, very white and very Republican red. One always wonders about the types of people that are drawn to and recruited to be police officers in predominantly white suburban cities such as this.

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