Jermaine Dupri Gives Bobby Brown His Flowers, Calls Him The “King of R&B”

Two decades ago, Whitney Houston declared her then-husband Bobby Brown as the “King of R&B” and was mocked for it. But now, Jermaine Dupri is ready to give Bobby the props he deserves.

In a series of posts on his Instagram story, Jermaine Dupri discussed his participation in an upcoming documentary about the bad boy of R&B and said it was time to give Bobby his flowers.

“Bobby Brown is truly the King of R&B, don’t get it f*cked up,” Dupri said.

Jermaine went on to explain why Bobby is the blueprint for today’s R&B artists.

“It ain’t many artists that come out, and they understand they swag before they records come out, they understand they look… they vocals be right and then they go work with all the right producers,” Dupri explained. 

“You ain’t really seen many artists in this era of music, especially in R&B, do that at all,” Jermaine argues.

“When I say he’s the King of R&B. The reason why I say that is because it ain’t many people who had an album that stands up to [Don’t Be Cruel],” he said. 

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