Jermaine Dupri Talks So So Def Doc, Hints At Reunion Tour: “I Might Take The Essence Of Atlanta on Tour”

Over the weekend, Jermaine Dupri took his talents to New Orleans to hit the stage for a legendary “ESSENCE of Atlanta” set at the 25th annual ESSENCE festival. Complete with performances by Da Brat, Lil Jon, Nelly, Ying Yang Twins, Crime Mob, Bone Crusher and more, Dupri put on for his hometown and culture, with an all hip-hop set. 

After the performance, the music mogul took to Instagram to recap his experience. “After all these years of doing so much, I’m happy that it’s still untouched ground out here and I’m the first one touching it, last night I did an all southern Hip Hop set,” he said, highlighting the longstanding success of his label, So So Def. 

Days later, Dupri opened up about his longstanding career, the experience, and the forthcoming documentary focused on the Atlanta based label. 

“For those that don’t know me, they gon’ see how I was when I started,” Dupri told Baller Alert. “Some of the things that I went through to get to the space that they know now. The real true story about Kris Kross. Mostly about stories about the songs, so how ‘Jump’ was created, how ‘We Belong Together,’ came together, me and Nelly making ‘Grillz,’ my introduction to Bow Wow, just a bunch little different stories that I feel people need.” 

As he continued, he opened up about his idol, Quincy Jones, and explained how Jones’ illustrious career has helped him push himself to new heights, being involved in multiple genres. He also hinted at a new reunion tour, featuring the southern hip-hop artists that performed at ESSENCE. 

“I might do that show on tour,” Dupri said. “I might make the Essence of Atlanta on tour.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Dupri opened up about his missed opportunity to sign Ludacris.

To watch the full interview, click the link below:

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