Jerry Jones Talks Dak and the Future of Tony Romo

Jerry Jones Talks Dak and the Future of Tony Romo

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As the future of Dak Prescott seems promising in Dallas, Jerry Jones sheds light on the future of Tony Romo.

It’s been reported that Prescott will be keeping the starting position. Despite Romo’s active status, having the team’s veteran quarterback as the backup seems to be the best bet for the 8-1 team. If you recall, Romo brought his team to a 2-0 record last season before his first collarbone injury of the 2015 season. It was then that the team plummeted to last place in the NFC East, losing 7 straight games without him. When the veteran returned in Week 11 against the Miami Dolphins, Romo brought the team to it’s third victory of the season. The next week, Romo reinjured his collarbone and was out for the rest of the season.

This year, during preseason, the team’s beloved quarterback got injured once again. However, this time they had an alternative that has been getting the job done.

But, where does that leave Tony Romo?

According to the team’s owner, who has grown very fond of Dallas’ veteran quarterback, there will always be a place for Romo in Dallas.

“The other day, Tony was taking some snaps from under the center and Tony was bragging on Dak. He said, boy, he doesn’t miss a trick. He looks at everything and just soaks it up,” Jones said on Tuesday. “…The key thing is the benefit that Dak will get from watching Tony as Tony takes snaps in practice, as it should be. The big thing is how much Tony is into helping Dak prepare.”

If things don’t work out for Romo, in regards to his future in his Dallas uniform, Jones is open to the idea of Romo with a career on the sideline.

“Make no mistake, he’s really wonderful about this. Tony is gonna have serious options. And of course he is young relatively speaking. Tony has the ability to be great — I’m not talking about a good one — a great offensive coordinator. He has an eye and has an understanding about offensive football that’s exceptional. He could be as a matter of fact two years ago, I sat down with him and said I really want you in the process as we really get into picking a quarterback for the future because I don’t want you to leave your career without having the benefit of you helping up get this quarterback and getting him ready to go and of course his eyes just lit up and he said I’m your man.”


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