Jill Scott Talks “Air Sex” On Microphone Viral Video On Joe Budden’s Podcast:  “It’s For Different Purposes Each Time”

The world is seeing singer Jill Scott in an entirely new way after a video went viral of her performing, while also performing what looked like air oral sex on her microphone. The songstress went on #JoeBudden’s podcast to explain the video to fans.

On Tuesday, Scott became the biggest trending topic on social media after a video was released of the 46-year-old simulating oral sex on her microphone during an NSFW performance. When Budden questioned why she implemented that into her show she said it’s all about timing. “It’s for different purposes each time,” Scott detailed “That time was about the things you want to do but you have to save them for the right person. Not everyone can get your A game, you know?”

The Philly native also said she likes her fans who are attending the concert with their lovers to be put in the mood. However, her intentions were not only for sexual arousal. “It’s going to be a lot of feels, every show. This is what I do. I tell stories, I sing songs, I play music that invigorates, it sometimes stills people, sometimes I see them crying. It’s a range of emotions, you just have to be there,” Scott shared.

Scott laughed off Budden’s question about being single but mentioned that she has a few upcoming films to tend to before she goes on tour around the country.


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