A Job Listing Offers People $500 To Eat Pizza And Review Netflix Shows

People can get paid $500 just to eat pizza and watch Netflix. 

Netflix and chill, plus pizza and a check? That’s what a job listed by Bonusfinder states. In celebration of National Pizza Day on Feb. 9, Bonusfinder wants you to binge Netflix shows and scarf down pizza; the job position is titled “professional binge-watcher.” And the only skills you need are the ability to review Netflix shows and have a love for pizza. 

For those who are interested, you will have to review three series and evaluate them for “their story and plot lines, ‘Netflix and Chill’ suitability, acting quality and cheesiness, [and] satisfaction of episodes and series endings.” The series are listed in the job description, and most are Netflix originals, All Recipes reports. Ultimately, the task wants the worker to suggest which shows they would recommend from the list and why. 

As for the pizza, the job doesn’t say where you would have to buy the pizza, but it does state that the participant will need to judge its appearance, color, texture, taste, favor, and its “cheese gooeyness.” 

The job listing doesn’t require a resume. You’ll only need to include your name, email, state of residence, and a brief explanation about why you think you’d be a perfect candidate.

Before, Bonusfinder has asked job applicants to test candy, ice cream, and pumpkin pie. The applications will be open until Feb. 12, and a winner “will be picked at random” shortly after. Some of the shows applicants will have to review include Ozark, Bling Empire, Cobra Kai, The Queen’s Gambit, and more. 

Y’all willing to do this?

Bonusfinder Job
Bonusfinder Job


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