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Joe Budden Jokes About Fake Putting On Condom Before Sex; Twitter Reacts [Audio]

Joe Budden revealed in a recent episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast” that he used to fake putting on a condom before sex. 

According to social media users, the episode has since been removed from all platforms. Instead, a show has been uploaded without any audio.

In a clip circulating on social media, the “Pump It Up” rapper can be heard making some disturbing claims and joking about his prior actions. 

“Even I done walked into the corner and faked like I was putting a condom on before,” Budden says, laughing. “That shit be workin’.”

You can hear someone in the background ask, “What?!”

“What you mean ‘what?’” Budden asks. “Yes, I did that.”

Budden explains that before mastering the art of deception, he would “just bust through the lamb skin.” Everyone in the background seems to be shocked by the revelation, calling him a “sicko.”

To which Budden replies, “No, I used to be.”

Social media users began questioning why there was no new episode before the conversation quickly turned to Budden removing a condom before sex. Some tried to downplay the severity of stealthing, while others referred to it as rape.  

Check out some reactions below.





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