Joe Budden Retaliates Against Consequence *Update* With Video

Ish got real with Joe Budden and Consequence. As you read in the previous blog, Joe Budden and Consequence got into a bit of a scuffle at the Love & Hip Hop NY reunion yesterday. Apparently it all went down during a break.  I guess Cons was still harboring feelings after Joe Budden checked him at Hot 97 studios using his phone operator voice. I suppose the ridicule he received after that “talking to” had him doing push ups and bench presses waiting for this day.


But it doesn’t stop there. Joe Budden apparently caught up with Cons in the streets later that night.

To which Consequence responded:



Now, Joe Budden is no thug, and never claims to be so that is what makes this whole situation funny to me. I know Consequence was getting a lot of flack for getting checked so he had something to prove. The funniest part of all this is that when Cons came for Joe, Tahiry came after him but when Joe hit Cons, Jen cried. I want to see a Jen and Tahiry fight come next.



Video of Jen not helping at all lol

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