Joe Budden & Tahiry Get Cozy In New Photoshoot

XXL recently shot a Love & Hip Hop spread featuring Joe Budden, Tahiry and Olivia. The shoot had a very old school lounge feel and I admit everyone looked great. Immediately when I saw the photo above I thought to myself, “These two are looking mighty….” and then I stopped there because I have a terrible vocabulary and couldn’t come up with a word. Instantly I thought that there was a possibility Joe was trying to get that old thing back…then I saw the XXL behind the scenes video. Tahiry and Joe look so uncomfortable together! XXL Magazine tried it LOL!


Watch the video for yourself and let me know what you think. Also here are a few photos as well. I wonder where Rich, Erica and them were.


Sidenote: Joe and Tahiry were also seen partying at CIAA in Charlotte, NC this weekend. Before the rumors get out of hand, they were at the same party but did not party TOGETHER. The two definitely kept their distance from one another.



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