Joey Sasso, Cast Member From ‘The Circle,’ Asked Lady Gaga On A Date To McDonald’s Last Year

In a recent interview with Vulture, star of Netflix’s ‘The Circle,’ Joey Sasso, explained how his selfie with pop icons Lady Gaga and Adele came to be.

Sasso explained that musician Mark Ronson held a star-studded Grammy after-party at the bar he worked at last year.

While his boss told the entire staff, they were prohibited from taking selfies, Sasso wouldn’t be himself if he’d followed those orders. “I’m going to be me,” he said.

After an evening of serving drinks to Gaga and Adele, Sasso decided to break his boss’ rule and mingle with the stars.

Before he knew it, Sasso found him whispering in Gaga’s ear, flirting with the songstress. He then proceeded to ask- since they’re both Italian- if he can call her by her real name (Stefani) instead of Gaga.

“All these motherfuckers gotta call me Gaga. You can call me Stefani,” she responded while referring to the reality star as ‘Sassy Sasso.’

He then told Gaga not flirt with him as he’d quit right at that very moment.

“Then she went to my boss Tommy and went, ‘I want Joey with me the rest of the night,’” he recalled. “When we went to take that selfie, Adele was standing next to me and goes, ‘What, I can’t be in it too?’ And I’m like, ‘Of course you can, sweetie. Come on!’”

Sasso didn’t let the evening end without letting Gaga know that although she’s engaged, he’d be ready to take her on the best date ever should they ever split.

“I know you’re engaged, but if anything should ever change, I promise you, I can take you on the best date that you’ve ever been on to a place no one would ever take you,” he told her.

When asked where that date would occur, Sasso responded, “The McDonald’s on Riverside is fantastic. Their chicken nuggets are out of this world. We’d have a great time.”

While Gaga and then-fiancé talent agent Christian Carino have since separated, Sasso may have missed his opportunity as he hit off with his ‘Circle’ co-star Miranda Bissonnette.

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