John Singleton’s Mom Claims Personal Items Were Taken From His Home After His Death; Family Hires P.I.

John Singleton’s mother, Sheila Ward, says someone has taken personal property from her son’s home after his death and as a result, she is reportedly seeking legal authority to “restore order” and make decisions regarding her son’s estate.

According to multiple reports, Ward filed an emergency petition for control over Singleton’s estate while the family and courts get things in order. Ward first attempted to become executor in April, days after the late director suffered a stroke and was subsequently hospitalized. But now, she’s asking to take control of John’s estate to secure his assets and have the final say over his property.

Ward is assured that Singleton’s property was locked up in his home office and that a “third party” took the items, using a key to his home. As a result, she believes her son’s valuables are at risk, so she wants to be named a special administrator of the estate until the courts make a final decision over who should be in control. However, Singleton’s daughter, according to The Blast, is looking to block the request.

In the meantime, the mothers of Singleton’s children are looking for answers. According to TMZ, the women have hired a private investigator to look into the events leading up to Singleton’s death, which came after a Costa Rica trip.

Sources say no one knows how Singleton got to the hospital and even hospital staff members said he seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and out of it. So, they’ve hired help to look into their suspicions.

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