Late Actor John Wayne Said He Believes In White Supremacy, Implied That Black People Are “Irresponsible,” And Said He Doesn’t Feel Bad About What Happened To Native Americans; His Daughters Come To His Defense

The daughters of iconic actor John Wayne are coming to their father’s defense after a Playboy interview resurfaced, featuring the actor’s racist comments about Black people.

Back in 1971, the late actor who was famous for his old-time western hits like “Stagecoach” and “True Grit,” sat down for an interview with #Playboy. During the interview, Wayne made some very controversial and outright racists comments about the Black community and revealed that he is a white supremacist.

“I believe in white supremacy until the Blacks are educated to a point of responsibility,” Wayne told the magazine. “I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.” The actor went on to say that he didn’t feel bad about Native Americans being slaughtered or their land being pillaged. He also said that films like “Easy Rider” and “Midnight Cowboy” were perverted, Fox News reports.

John Wayne Gets Defended
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In response to the resurfaced interview, Wayne’s daughters came to his defense, claiming that Wayne, while having his “opinions,” he doesn’t mind agreeing to disagree. “He definitely had his opinions, but he respected you if you disagreed with him,” said Wayne’s daughter, #MarisaWayne in an interview with Closer Weekly.

Marisa said that Wayne “had an ability to see both sides of the story,” and then claimed that her father was not a “right-wing, hard asshole,” despite how racist the comments were. Wayne’s 64-year-old daughter, #AissaWayne, said that her father “loved people” and claimed that he was always a “people person.” “He cared about his fellow human beings,” Aissa said. “I think that really was a big feature about him.”

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