Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Say They Received Video Proving Amber Heard “Attacked” Her Sister

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On their last day in court before closing arguments, Johnny Depp’s lawyers presented video footage they say proves Amber Heard’s sister lied on the stand yesterday, according to the ‘Hollywood Reporter.’

“I can’t believe Amber beat you’re a**, one of Henriquez’s friends exclaims in the video. The footage, showing Henriquez lounging by a pool with friends, was unused reality TV footage from 2006 or 2007, Depp’s lawyers said. Another friend asks, “Did you get in a fight or something?” while inspecting Henriquez’s cheek and arm for injuries. Henriquez tells the women she doesn’t want to discuss it.

When Depp’s lawyers questioned Ms. Henriquez, she denied that she lied to the London High Court. After playing the video, Heard’s sister claimed the argument between them was only a “verbal” one and said her friends were “trying to make a very, very boring story more interesting.” Henriquez also denied having any injuries and that the women were “looking for injuries that were not there, trying to create a narrative to make something more interesting, to create something out of nothing.” Henriquez is one of the defense’s key witnesses, claiming to have seen Depp strike Heard at the couple’s Los Angeles apartment.

Despite Henriquez’s claims, one of Depp’s lawyers, David Sherborne, said the footage makes it “quite clear” that Heard assaulted her sister and that the women are inspecting Henriquez’s injuries. Depp’s legal team says the footage discredits Henriquez’s claims about the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor and further proves the allegations that Heard had been violent toward her ex-husband.

Sherborne said Henriquez tailored her story to fit Heard’s version of events the night of the “stairs incident” in March 2015. Henriquez testified Thursday that Heard punched Depp in self-defense because she thought Depp intended to push her down the stairs. “Our case is she has lied in order to support her sister on this very important issue as to what happened on the stairs,” Depp’s lawyer said.

Friday was the last day of court proceedings in the Depp versus News Group Newspapers trial. The actor is suing the publisher of British tabloid ‘The Sun” and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, over an article they ran in April 2018, calling Depp a “wife-beater.” Heard made 14 allegations of domestic violence by Depp between 2013 and 2016. Depp maintains that he was not violent toward Heard and alleges the actress was the abusive one throughout their tumultuous marriage.  

Heard was also called as an important witness for NGN, she gave four days of testimony in which she alleged Depp punched, slapped, head-butted, threw bottles of liquor at her and other various acts of violence. After a total of 14 days of testimony, the libel trial is scheduled to conclude next week, with closing arguments from both sides’ legal teams on Monday and Tuesday.

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