Jonathan Majors' Alleged Victim Granted Temporary Order of Protection, Actor's Lawyer Responds

Jonathan Majors’ Alleged Victim Granted Temporary Order of Protection, Actor’s Lawyer Responds

Thursday, Jonathan Majors alleged victim was granted a temporary order of protection ahead of the May 9 court date where the actor will face charges of assault and harassment.

“Today a judge granted a Full Temporary Order of Protection for the victim, per the People’s request and with the consent of defense counsel. (At the time of arraignment, a Limited Temporary Order of Protection was granted.),” Doug Cohen, press secretary for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, said in a statement.

This means Majors nor the alleged victim may have any direct or third-party contact. It remains in effect until the next court date.

“This is standard in cases such as this, and we consented because Mr. Majors wants nothing to do with the woman who assaulted him,” Priya Chaudhry, a lawyer for Majors, said in a statement following the order of protection.

“We have been transparent and cooperative with the District Attorney, including giving the District Attorney ample evidence, including witness statements, of Mr. Majors’ innocence,” Chaudhry continued.

“In fact, we recently provided a forensic medical opinion from a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor and Trauma Specialist who has examined the photos and videos of the woman and concludes, without hesitation, that the woman did not have any injuries at the nightclub and the injuries she later sustained did not come from Mr. Majors (and could not have come from the way the woman described).”

The statement continued, “It is disturbing that even when presented with this incontrovertible evidence, the District Attorney continues this false case.”

Majors was arrested and charged last month with assault and harassment following an alleged domestic dispute with a 30-year-old woman. His legal team has denied any wrongdoing and has previously released text messages and footage they say prove his innocence.

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