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Actor Jonathan Majors Sentenced to Domestic Violence Intervention Program After Assault Conviction
. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Jonathan Majors’ Charges Will Not Be Dismissed; Trial To Start November 29th

A judge has denied Jonathan Majors’ request to dismiss his domestic violence charges, sending him to trial. 

Majors will now stand trial on November 29th for allegedly striking Grace Jabbari back in March. The couple were in New York City during the incident. Jabbari told police that Majors choked her, broke her finger, slapped her in the face, and left her with several bruises and lacerations. However, Majors has long maintained his innocence, claiming that he was actually the victim. His team shared images of Majors with scratches on him and also text messages between him and Jabbari shortly after the incident, where she acknowledged some responsibility. 

During Wednesday’s hearing, Majors’ defense team requested to have specific evidence withheld from the public due to the amount of interest surrounding the case. Even though the “Creed III” star faces misdemeanor charges, he could still spend a year in jail if convicted. Prior to Wednesday’s hearing, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office filed a response claiming that Majors attorney’s had purposefully leaked evidence in an effort to make Jabbari the perpetrator, Variety reports. 

Majors has lost several movie roles and key business associates following his arrest, which his lawyers feel was racially motivated. Jabbari is a white woman from London. They’ve also pointed out that she partied in a nightclub shortly after the alleged attack took place. For these reasons, the defense remains optimistic and is looking forward to presenting their side at trial. 

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