Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Life After Kiss With Tristan Thompson: ‘How Can I Make Things Right With Myself?’

Jordyn Woods is publicly addressing life after the Tristan Thompson scandal in the September issue of Cosmopolitan UK.

During the interview, Woods recalled the moments after the NBA star allegedly came on to her at a party and how she just “didn’t know how to feel.”

“You know that saying, ‘I feel so alone in a room full of people’? I went through a phase of thinking, ‘I’m going to isolate myself because I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know what the right thing to do is,’” she said.

It’s been over six months since her “kiss” with Thompson, but the 21-year-old admits that her fallout with the Kardashian-Jenner clan has taken a toll on her reputation. She had become the target of cyber-bullying, death threats, and hate online, despite claims that she didn’t initiate the cheating. 

Woods says that the entire ordeal has taught her to think before “reacting out of emotion,” especially in response to criticism on social media.

“I don’t believe in clapping back, or reacting out of emotion,” Woods said. “I could have handled this a million different ways, but I just went with what felt the most natural to me. Would I ever have wanted this to happen? Never. But shit happens. And in the end, I never want to see anyone hurt; I would hate to be the reason for anyone’s pain. We all have to go to sleep with ourselves at night.”

At one point, the model and entrepreneur was compelled to read comments about her, even though they had a negative effect on her sense of self.

“It becomes addictive to look on the internet, to look at your name,” she added. “When I would look at my name and see all of the things that people were saying, it became like a tumor. It became cancerous to me.” 

If the situation didn’t teach her anything else, it apparently taught her to “learn from her mistakes.” For Woods, losing her best friend Kylie and her second family pushed her to self reflect and brought her closer to God. 

“How am I going to react to this internally, you know?” Woods questioned. “How can I make things right with myself, with God and with my relationships? It took some time off in order for me to have a level head on how I should react.”

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