Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams Have Tense Interview; Wendy Throws Flowers

Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams Have Tense Interview; Wendy Throws Flowers

On yesterday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, things got a little heated when Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez gave Wendy a piece of her mind after she commented on her changing appearance.

“The Puerto Rican Princess,” said “You know Miss Wendy, I just must say this to you: I hope you’re going to give me my flowers today. I hope you’re gonna honor how much work I put out there.” She said, “I’m an accomplished woman, and I just feel like every time I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now. You know? And Wendy, you’re 35 years my senior. I should get those flowers from you. I should feel wanted by people like you. And not just me, all the other young girls.”

Williams tried to reassure “The Puerto Rican Princess” that she finds her entertaining, but Joseline wasn’t so sure.

“We feel like you be trying us. We feel like you don’t really be rooting for us, especially with me. Every time I come on your show, you always wanna compare me to another broad,” she explained. “I don’t need to be compared; I’ve made my own brand. I’ve made my own brand for years. I’ve been out here for the past decade, I’ve got my own show, I franchised my own show to another network. I have the number one show in the country.”

“No, you have the number one show on Zeus, and you got renewed for a third season, which needs to be commended,” Williams said, correcting Hernandez.

Josline then expressed that she feels undervalued, to which Williams responded, stating that the feeling is mutual.

“You feel undervalued? Well, so do I, okay? You know what, Joseline, because you’re a part of pop culture, this is what I do,” Wendy shared. “But if you possibly think that I leave here every day and don’t feel undervalued for something that I do as a woman—we’re not gonna even talk about race—just as a woman? I still don’t make that dollar-for-dollar match that men make, but anyway, Shoe Cam, please. Let me see your shoes.”

By the end of the interview, the two had stopped bickering, and Williams even threw a flower at Joseline’s screen.

I guess Wendy wanted to give The Puerto Rican Princess her flowers now, in a shady way.




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