Joseph Mersa Marley, Grandson of Bob Marley, Found Dead In Vehicle
Joseph mersa marley

Joseph Mersa Marley, Grandson of Bob Marley, Found Dead In Vehicle

Joseph Mersa Marley, the grandson of late reggae icon Bob Marley, has sadly passed away.

The 31-year-old singer was found dead in a vehicle on Tuesday in the U.S. Though he went to college in Miami, Florida, it was not specified what state he was in when he was found unresponsive. Joseph endured a lifelong battle with asthma, and Florida radio station WZPP announced that a lethal asthma attack was what claimed his life. However, his family has not yet commented on the cause of death.

Joseph was born in Jamaica before moving to the states during his high school years. The well-respected musician, who performs under the stage name Jo Mersa, is the son of famed reggae singer Stephen Marley, who is one of Bob Marley’s 11 children. Stephen is an eight-time Grammy award winner who followed in the footsteps of his internationally known father. Joseph also carried on the family’s musical legacy but not before pursuing a studio engineering degree from Miami Dade College. In 2014, he released his “Comfortable” EP and another in 2021 titled “Eternal.” The rising star frequently performed at Caribbean festivals and events.

He is survived by his wife Qiara, a young daughter, and the extensive Marley family in the states and Jamaica.

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