Joyner Calls Out Steve Stoute And UnitedMasters On Twitter

Joyner Lucas has a lot to say. After coming at Karen Civil over $60,000 he claims she scammed him for, he’s setting his sights on music executive Steve Stoute

In a series of tweets, the rapper claims that Stoute and his company UnitedMasters recently raised $50 million from Apple to help artists with their careers. Joyner claims that Stoute sent him, and independent artist, copyright infringement paperwork over the phrase “record label in your pocket,” for which Stoute holds the copyright.

In another tweet, Joyner posted the cease and desist letter from UnitedMasters to Tully App for using the phrase. 

“And @SteveStoute don’t do the industry bs and say you had no idea legal did that. You paid them thousands to send copyright infringement letters to me,” he wrote. ”You spent thousands on legal just to register trademark names to prevent independent artists to push the exact same narrative.”

Joyner is now encouraging other artists to speak up about their experiences with UnitedMasters. 


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  1. This music industry is off the fucking chain, these execs be getting over like crazy. If I would have got signed when I was an artist, most likely, I would have been robbed too. We be talking about how these white people run the music industry and rob blacks but its blacks robbing blacks too! SMH!

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