JR Smith’s Tips For Dating A Baller

Who better to give you tips on keeping a Baller happy than a Baller himself. New York Knicks’ JR Smith took a little time away from offering pipe to instagram his tips on dating an athlete.

JR Smith’s Tips For Dating An Athlete

1 – Always Be There For Them

2 – Accept The Fact They Are Always Busy

3 – Please Them When Needed

4 – Don’t Stress Them Out

5 – Support Their Decisions And Actions

6 – Be Their Number One Fan

7 – Massage Them When They’re Sore

8 – Don’t Nag At Them After Practice Or A Game

9 – Cater To Them After Practice

10 – Keep In Mind You’re More Important When You Can Prove To Them You Can Handle Everything They Do

11 – Motivate Them To Do Better

12 – Most Of All, Love & Be There For Them Even If They Don’t Succeed Or Fail, It’s When They Need You Most.

Looks like a lot of work but nobody said dating a Baller would be easy. I wonder which steps K. Michelle didn’t do. Tahiry?

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