Judge Denies Future’s Request To Drop Eliza Reign’s Paternity Case

Judge Denies Future’s Request To Have Eliza Reign’s Paternity Case Dropped

A judge has denied Future’s request to dismiss Eliza Reign’s paternity lawsuit over “fraud” claims.

A Florida family court judge dismissed Future’s demand to have Reign’s paternity case thrown out last week. Future wanted the case dropped, claiming that Reign committed “fraud upon the court,” according to court documents obtained by Bossip. Future’s claim that Reign committed criminal contempt of court comes after he said she lied about her income in court documents and allegedly asked that she not have to pay court fees due to financial hardship and unemployment.

But Future says that’s all false and that Reign is actually the owner of a new SUV, has several bank accounts and does, in fact, have a job. The rapper feels that Reign’s actions exhibit perjury and wants the state Attorney General to look into the matter. But Reign clapped back at Future, saying she has the right to claim indigency in her paternity and child support case against her former lover. She revealed that she does have bank accounts but that in them are only small amounts of money like $4 and $9, and said some accounts are in the negative. In Florida, if you have less than $2,500, you qualify for indigency.

She says she does not own her car but leases it and only gets small checks from posting on social media, Bossip reports. Reign says she hasn’t had a stable job since giving birth to her daughter; she included her bank records and lease info in the motion against Future.

The entire case comes from a lawsuit Reign filed against Future last year over the paternity of her child and child support. Future sued Reign back, claiming she defamed him and “turned his world upside down” by vocalizing their past relationship online.

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