Judge Denies Yo Gotti’s Request To Have $6.6 Million Judgment Vacated

A North Carolina judge denied Yo Gotti’s request to have his $6.6 million judgment vacated. 

Baller Alert previously reported the legal issue between Gotti and North Carolina artist Young Fletcher. The case stemmed from 2016 when Gotti was paid $20,000 to rap on one of Fletcher’s songs but allegedly never showed up to the studio session. Instead, Gotti reportedly refused to release the song and recorded one that sounded similar. According to TMZ, Gotti also tried to get Fletcher to sign with him for a $150,000 deal behind his manager’s back.

According to TMZ, the song was either never released or never recorded, but Gotti still pocketed the payment. However, Fletcher is partially suing because he believes the song was made since Gotti never released it. The Memphis rapper was served last year while on stage, but he allegedly never responded to the lawsuit. The judge reportedly granted Gotti another $2.2 million judgment and tripled the payout because the judge found “willful, unfair and deceptive acts” conducted by Gotti.

However, on Monday, Gotti lost his appeal to have the $6.6 million judgment vacated in a Winston-Salem courtroom. Gotti argued that he was not properly informed of the case, and because of that, he was unequipped to defend himself. In fact, according to Complex, Gotti admitted that security guard blocked the man serving Gotti while on stage. Earlier this week, that same guard testified saying, he was not authorized to accept legal documents on the rapper’s behalf.

“Yo Gotti learned today that my lawyers don’t play, but we should’ve sat down and got this resolved as businessmen,” Terry said via the Winston-Salem Journal. “I got great artists, and we could put something together where we all win. The opportunity still stands.”

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