Judge Orders Rick Ross To Pay Baby Mother Briana $8,500 In Child Support

According to Bossip, a judge has ruled that rapper Rick Ross will have to pay $8,500 a month in temporary child support to his children’s mother Briana Camille as they are working out their custody and paternity case.

Judge Christopher Edwards ordered Ross to begin making $8,500 a month payment, the order reportedly states. $6,000 of the child payment will go towards the caring for the couple’s two kids, Billion, who is about to be two, and Berkeley, who is three.

The balance of $2,500 will pay for the nanny that will be helping with the kids while Briana is currently going through a “high risk” pregnancy of the couples’ third child. Briana claims that she and Ross had used a nanny during their relationship before it hastily ended last year, and she moved out with their two children.

Ross will also have to pay $40,000 towards Briana’s legal fees and $23,337 to cover her out of pocket expenses like $1,500 in rent, $2,000 a month in groceries, and $600 in phone expenses including service for an iPad she said that Ross insisted on getting for their oldest child. Ross will also be responsible for the kids’ health insurance.Rick Ross and Briana Camille

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