Julia Fox Says Kanye and Future Have New Music on the Way, Also Reveals She and Ye Don’t Have a Label on Their Relationship - Baller Alert

Julia Fox Says Kanye and Future Have New Music on the Way, Also Reveals She and Ye Don’t Have a Label on Their Relationship

Kanye West and Julia Fox have been on quite a romantic roll lately. They kicked off the New Year with quite a slew of dinner dates—and even Kim Kardashian reportedly wished the couple nothing but “positive vibes.”

Although it looks like a new relationship is forming between the two, Fox isn’t in a rush to put a label on what she and the rapper have going on.

On the latest episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcats, the actress touched on her relationship with Ye, saying she is “just living in the moment” and “doesn’t have any expectations.”

Fox said the two are not labeling what they have right now. “It’s just people that make each other feel better,” she said. “It’s really like such a Gemini-Aquarius connection. It’s very inspirational.”

The actress detailed how her individual thought process works well with Ye’s, and vice versa. “We keep up with each other, which is cool.”

The 31-year-old went on to praise the “exciting” bond they share. “Anything is possible, any dream is possible. And I love that!” Fox says when describing Ye’s personality. “And he’s such a doer. He’s like, ‘Let’s do it now. Don’t wait.'”

The Uncut Gems star expressed how Ye’s musical career is history in the making and how proud she is to be around him. “It’s honestly just an honor to be in [his] presence and to be able to experience history happening,” she said.

She also referenced joining a recent studio session with Ye and Future in which she confirmed a collab of new music between the rappers. “Even being in the studio with him and Future and listening to the new songs which, by the way, are f***ing insane. That’s really cool. I love that.”

In Thursday’s episode of Forbidden Fruits,  co-host Takesh asked Fox to speak on mental health. Fox shared music has saved her life on many occasions and that she and Ye have both been transparent about their struggles with mental health. “I mean, with the mental health thing it’s like, okay, Ye has been open about his mental health and I feel like I have been as well… I feel like we need to destigmatize it and stop shaming us,” she said. “Like what the hell? We didn’t ask to be f***king born this way, you know?”

According to Fox, their relationship is not a surprise to “people who know them both personally.” She explained how friends she and Ye have in common told her they “make so much sense.”

The two were recently spotted having a romantic dinner at Delilah in West Hollywood, California. Ye and Fox held hands as they were photographed leaving the restaurant. The pair even shared a kiss before getting in the car at one point.


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