Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Says ‘Grand Jury Didn’t Agree That Certain Actions Were Justified’

On Tuesday, one of the grand jurors who heard evidence in the Breonna Taylor case said that the grand jury did not agree that her fatal shooting was justified. 

In a statement, the juror, identified only as “Grand Juror #1” by attorney Kevin Glogower, said the jury was never asked to consider murder charges, only wanton endangerment against police officers.

Former Louisville Metro Police Detective Brett Hankison was the only officer charged in the case. He pleaded not guilty to wanton endangerment for shots fired into Taylor’s neighbor’s apartment. None of the officers involved in the botched raid were charged for Taylor’s death.

“Questions were asked about the additional charges, and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick,” the juror’s statement read. 

Additionally, “The grand jury didn’t agree that certain actions were justified, nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the Breonna Taylor case.”

Another grand juror spoke out through Glogower to say they were “pleased” with County Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connells’ ruling and would be “discussing possible next steps with counsel.”

The statements come after O’Connell ruled the records in the proceedings could be released, allowing grand jurors to speak publicly. O’Connell wrote in her decision that the ruling is only applicable to this case, given the unique nature of how much attention the case has received, and that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has spoken freely about the case to the public.

In a statement, Cameron said that he disagrees with the judge’s ruling but will not appeal it. Cameron has previously called the officer’s use of force justified.

Taylor, 26, was shot and killed by LMP officers executing a no-knock warrant on her home on March 13.

Breonna Taylor

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