Jussie Smollett Maintains He’s Innocent In 2019 Racist & Homophobic Attack: ”It’s Fight Or Die At This Point”

A few weeks ago, the city of Chicago brought charges against Jussie Smollett for claims that he was attacked by racists who used homophobic slurs last year.

Following the alleged attack, many were skeptical of Smollett’s claims, which resulted in the city’s charges against Smollett for allegedly filing a false report.

Though the city of Chicago dropped charges against the ‘Empire’ star last year, after months of speculation surrounding the incident, Smollett has been indicted.

Lion’s Share News recently caught up with Smollett outside of LAX, where he maintained his innocence.

“It’s definitely frustrating,” Smollett told paparazzi on the status of his current indictment. “It’s fight or die at this point.”

After paparazzi stated the actor is still claiming is innocence, Smollett responded, “I don’t claim to be innocent, I am innocent.”

Standing by his side during the interview was Smollett’s lawyer who claims he’s strong and resilient.

“He’s holding up,” his lawyer told the news outlet. “He’ll get through this. We have faith that the system will eventually work in our favor.”

Following the recent charges brought against Smollett by a grand jury, Smollett has pled not guilty and has filed a motion for the entire case to be thrown out over double jeopardy.

When asked what will hold up better in court, not doing it or the double jeopardy, he responded, “The truth is the best defense. They know nothing about me.”

His lawyer stuck to the innocent notion as well when asked if she thinks their motion could hold up in court, she responded, “I do. That’s why we filed the motion.”

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